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Every suspect is innocent until proven guilty under the law by a judge or jury, and according to the “Bill of rights” every suspect deserves an equal protection and a fair trial under the law. Criminal attorneys abide by a “strict code of conduct” and principle when defending a suspect accused of an offense. This is necessary because in our justice system in order to ensure a fair trial. According to experts, it is better to engage a professional criminal defense lawyer if you require the services rather than going to the government employed lawyer because you may not get the best results from a novice. One should not go to the court without any representation because you need the knowledge of criminal law to get a fair trial and justice because the district attorney will try to give you the highest possible penalty. If one cannot afford a lawyer, he must get a public defender or court appointed lawyer.

Criminal defense attorney’s act as counselors as well as advocates for the defendant. They also give very important advice to the client such as should they plead or go to trial. They do this through analysis and facts presented to them in a specific situation, a case of “self-defense” for example. They also have a working relationship with the District Prosecutor not to mention the experience and expertise in every part of criminal law and the justice system. A criminal defense attorney will go through the case for a long period of time, gathering information through interviews and testimonials from witnesses and gathering other physical evidences and his client’s own statements to decide how they should proceed. The lawyer also discusses every aspect of the case and makes suggestions to the client about the options he or she has. It is best for the accused to be completely honest with the lawyer and provide him with every detail of the case with detailed disclosure of the situation with the lawyer if he wants to take advantage of a Criminal defense lawyer.

If someone is accused of a crime, the first person he or she ought to call is a criminal defense attorney. One should not answer any of the questions from the police until he has his lawyer present dufint questioning. The lawyer also has the power to bail bond for you and arrange your release. It is also the duty of a lawyer to interview witnesses and gather testimonials and collect physical evidence to defend the accused. This also includes managing, enlisting experts, arranging for investigations, research filing documents and presenting the case.

It is also important to interview your attorney before you hire the criminal lawyer for your defense, to investigate and research about your lawyer such as finding out about his previous cases, experiences and successes, to make sure that you are hiring someone qualified and capable of defending your case, understands your particular case, and can get the desired outcome. There are many websites on the net that may suggest you or give you a recommendation for hiring a reputed attorney. Ask for advice if you have any relative or coworkers or maybe your employee who can make recommendations for you based on their recent experiences or check with your local bar association.

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